Used camera shop that you will want to look around in Shinjuku.

Used camera shop that you will want to look around in Shinjuku.

Shinjuku West Side

Map camera

Needless to say, a comprehensive department store of used cameras. We also handle new products. The floor is divided for each maker. We handle both film cameras and digital cameras.

Previously, the film camera was the second store (next to Fuji Soba), but it has been integrated into the first store. The second store seems to be dedicated to the purchase center.

Are used prices high? The service is substantial. The operation check period is two weeks after the purchase, it is a gorgeous! I also had to replace it only once due to poor AF operation. Well this is a fairly rare case, and there should be no problem with most products.

The basement is a Leica-specialized floor, and both new and used are substantial. If you are aiming for an old Leica lens, you should check it once. It’s not a very affordable price, but.

A mount adapter can be purchased at the same time, but be careful as the Yodobashi camera in front of you may be cheaper depending on the object. New products should be compared with Yodobashi camera points.

The clerk is very kind and will show you any product (new or used) if you ask. You can check it until you are satisfied, and it seems that used goods can be returned up to one week of initial failure. I have returned the product once for the initial failure. It was EF28mm f / 2.8, but I bought it at a fair price, but AF got stuck in the second day and it stopped working. The response at that time was also kind.

Junk is rarely dealt with. In the corner of the showcase, there is a little choro for parts removal.

Shinjuku used camera market (Shinjuku Chuuko Camera Shijou)

The second floor behind ABC Mart. It is a store that is scary to enter, but walking in the narrow shelves is more scary in another sense (^ _ ^;

On the shelf, there are lenses, lenses, and lenses classified by manufacturer. There is no doubt that it is basically a MF lens shop for film cameras. If you think, “Let’s get an AF lens cheap!”, You will be greatly disappointed.

There are many lenses that you have never seen or heard. Soviet Zeiss copy, Canon S, medium format camera. The number of balls is large.

Master seems scared, but he will take the product out of the shelf as soon as he asks and will explain it well.

There is a little junk in one corner.

Used camera box (Chuuko Camera Box)

Shinjuku used camera market further back street, and underground. Number one that is hard to enter! The atmosphere is similar to the used camera market in Shinjuku.

My personal impression is, “I love Nikon!” Russian lenses are also substantial. There are many M42, Kiev and Exakta mounts. There are too many products (the shop is narrow), and it is hard to distinguish products at the back.

The clerk is quite gutsy. “It’s bright with standard macros” and “Tesser type Russian lens”.

Lemon sha

“Lemon company in Ginza has come to Shinjuku!” Anyway, Leica. It is on the Daikoku Drag on the back of Yamada Denki.

Leica seemed to occupy half of the shelf, but if you look closely, there are plenty of F / OM / FD / MD / M42 and other mounts. It is easy to read because it is well organized, and it feels carefully selected. The number of products is overwhelmingly lower than the above two points. I think the price is not that high.

You can find safe products at reasonable prices, not bargains for junk.

Camera kitamura

Shinjuku East Side

Camera Alps do

Next to the fruit shop beside the East Exit Alta. It is a store like an eel bed with a small entrance that will pass by accident.

Since the store is small, the number of items is modest, but the product range is wide from vintage to digital AF. In my opinion, it looks like a bargain shop. I am a favorite store. If you have a little time to go to Kabukicho, you will just enter.

There is a little junk.

Miyama Shokai

Marui back. I think I have been a child. It used to be in the back of the Ikebukuro / BicCamera PC building, but now it should be the Yoshinoya. Speaking of used camera shops, the image was “Miyama Shokai”.

The shady atmosphere peculiar to a used camera shop is thin. There are also new ones. There are many surprising rare items on display, so be sure to look in front of you.

Lucky camera


This is the relocation of a ragged shop next to a roman porn movie theater on the left hand side of Shinjuku South Exit going down Shinjuku Street, right? I can’t imagine a store that has become so beautiful that it’s the same store. The store is beautiful, but the clerk is scared (T_T

Leica! If you are looking for a Leica lens, you can’t avoid it here. Anyway, there is an old compact camera that feels like “Is this used?”

It’s closer to Shinjuku Sanchome Station than Shinjuku Station, so it’s hard to see it in Isetan unless you have a business. The surrounding area is a fun drinking area, so peeking with drunken momentum may be a big deal (^ _ ^;


Fujiya camera


Needless to say (second w) a sacred place for used cameras. There is a main store, a junk building, and an accessories building, and when I looked in the other day, a new store was prepared in front of the main store (next to the junk building).

Both new and used are very substantial. Second-hand goods are changing extremely intensely (selling well), and if you find a favorite, it will often be lost the next day unless you hold it down on the spot.

It is an impression that there are more used products than active lenses. Old lenses and Russian lenses are in the junk hall. The Junk Hall is relocated and is located on Broadway.

Isn’t the purchase price the highest as far as I know (append: map cameras are often higher these days)? Isn’t it an exaggeration to say that camera equipment can “take anything”? Most things will be picked up, regardless of the amount of money. For example, a battery.

The mount adapter required for old lenses is also substantial. However, only EF-E adapters with electronic contacts are not handled.

Mount adapter

The purchase of the mount adapter, which is indispensable for playing old lenses, is available at the high-quality and cheap K&F Concept official shop. At this price, you can set it for each lens.


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Used camera shop that you will want to look around in Shinjuku. EOS R6II・GR III・α7IIIの実体験お散歩カメラブログ。

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